We think it's because we all want to create our ideal lives.

Why do we think creating our ideal lives requires SO MUCH hard work?

Well, the answer is simple. Mostly because we don't know any different.

We don't know that there are other possibilities.

Case in point:

If you work for an hourly wage of $40 per hour, 40 hours a week, 4.3 weeks per month, your earned income is $6,880, before taxes. That requires you to be sitting in a chair (or at your desk or whatever) 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

That's a LOT of hours. (This is the definition of almost every job, by the way.)

And we all know that an entrepreneur's work doesn't stop there, because now you own your job and have WAY more work to do....

You have to:

  1. Find the customers
  2. Sign the customers
  3. Service the customers (that's the 40 hours above)
  4. Retain the customers
  5. Get referrals
  6. Refine the processes
  7. Stay up to date on the industry
  8. Attend the conferences and networking events
  9. Do the budgeting, admin, project management, and follow-up
  10. Watch the webinars
  11. And make the coffee - because you sure need it!

So you've got to work a LOT MORE than 40 hours a week to make that money; which means your hourly wage plummets to probably less than minimum wage.

(Huge bummer reality check for entrepreneurs)

But hey most entrepreneurs are not complaining, because we do it for the freedom. We do it for the craft. We do it for the impact. And we do it for the unlimited income potential.

Let's consider something else though...

Enter the Business of the 21st Century:

What if you sold a product or a service created, manufactured and delivered by someone else 3 times a day using online methods?

Same amount of money as before; actually a little more. Potentially much MUCH more. But this time with zero time sitting in the chair (unless of course you want to chill out).

That's the power of online marketing. It gets you out of your chair and into the world.

It's REAL Freedom.

Not buying yourself another job.

And it's not easy. Trust us.

But it's the game changing MENTALITY of LEVERAGE (doing something once and getting paid over and over) that's the mentality of the successful entrepreneur.

Successful Entrepreneurs =  the ones who aren't always working their butts off just to cover their bills.

Successful Entrepreneurs know they can't:
- work themselves into the ground
- do it all themselves
- burnout and quit

YOU are the GENIUS behind the operation.

YOU are the strategist that puts the pieces together.

YOU then get to offer others the opportunity to work, earn money, and put those systems into action every day. 

YOU are now managing it all and shaping it all and creating new forms of value.

This is B21

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