B21 helps entrepreneurs thrive in life & business

Supporting their health and teaching them the leveraged business model of the 21st century


bring your best self & business to the world

B21 gives you the tools to avoid burnout, break free from the restraints of time and
give you the support of a community so you’re not building alone.

Our coaching not only takes care of you today, but builds a solid foundation for life.
You will enjoy life more, feel better in your body and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams!

Christa Realba

Multi national, six-figure Business Coach and Founder of B21

 Christa Realba

Christa Realba

Our mission is to empower the global economy and to teach you how to build a thriving life and business in the 21st century.

We want to open your eyes to a clear path of freedom, to create a successful career, to make a difference, to earn incredible wealth, to impact people’s lives and to do it all on YOUR own terms.

We are looking to help entrepreneurs who are passionate, who have a drive, a spark, a lust for life but that are maybe are missing an important piece of the equation.